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Wandering Traveler


Experienced. Understanding. Supportive.

Choosing to come into therapy takes courage. People who choose to do their inner work create possibilities for their own healing and psychological growth.


Therapy should be one of the most helpful conversations you have in your life; a relationship that moves you forward to live the life you want to lead. My approach is informed by over 25 years of experience and training. I work with compassion, integrity, warmth and mindfulness at the core of what I do to help my clients orientate to the health and healing within them.


I work with individuals, couples and families.


I have many years of experience in working with clients as a coach and therapist. I am informed in my family work by DDP principles; trained with Jill Gabriel in working with couples and a Master's Degree from The Karuna Institute in Core Process Psychotherapy. It is a contemplative approach to therapy integrating mindfulness and Western psychological theories helping to bring awareness to the unconscious aspects of our being,  the stuff that can have us feel most stuck.


Therapy in this way helps us to connect to the deepest parts of ourselves, providing the greatest opportunity for our learning, our growth and our healing.

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